1 - Does anyone know if i have to use one of my lawn tickets for my 2 yr old or will she be free?

2 - If you have lawn tickets, can you bring lawn chairs to sit in?

3 -  And final question, Since this is a paid event this year, are they allowing people to be able to come back in once they left the arena. Like if you come in, and leave to go to your car or something, can you come back in?

thanks guys.
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ok in response i believe that you must pay for all tickets regardless of age of person attendig

and you should check the venue they have a list of stuff you can bring and can't bring i know the venue i'm going to has a no chairs rule  (mansfield, MA)

there is usually a no reentry rule at all venues  check the website for all rules as they may vary from venue to venue 
  hope this helps ya enjoy the show
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