wondering if the Wiz was on holiday for the fortnight or what?

nice to have it back.  let the madness begin . . . . again!
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you got that right...

I was haveing a log in problem for some time ..I could login alright,but when I went to the fourm I got some
kinda error ...glad its fixed .....
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Thank fuck for that!
Happy New Year everyone!
Here's to a fantastic 2012!
I can't wait to see some real news releases about Black Sabbath and Ozzfest!!!!
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Yeah I thought maybe the site was updating for an Ozzfest announcement!  I am glad that the site is back up but WTF?  Don't get me all excited like that LOL!
See you in the darkness wanker!
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oh yeah...we're back on da webs  ...welcome back everyone
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ok..... who lost the keys to the building at the Christmas party??? 
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