It's odd how karma werks. When a stranger wishes or hopes for bad things to happen, it turns into the opposite! Many here (and other mock Metal forums) treat ppl like crap if they not jocks or that so-called Rocker, Adam on Big Brother...hope you klowns have been watching it lately! I am certainly sorry if some men, such as myself have an equal balance of testosterone and estrogen while MOST female metalheads do as well...though many haven't truly figured it out yet. Yes, i have wrestled. But not for fame or glory, or even money. Mostly to proove a point to myself and any possible naysayers who think that only jocks or airheads do so, and many of those do it for favor of Vince himself... whatever! Just wanted to clear a few things up before i head out for my next gig in Texas. Let's Go Longhorns, Let's Go ....TTFN keibhoiz.

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