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why? so they can identify the body?

what is this? summer camp?
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No I was thinking is case Ozzy or Nikki wanted to
Contact her for a drink or a catch up after a show....but I like your thinking....
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when it is GA the rail is the best. i can't afford Pitt tickets usually. i wove my way up when Metallica came here to AZ to the front row, saying how much i loved them and that i' only stick around for a couple songs. and was true to my word. most of the people 7 rows forward were guys. i thought that was awesome.
I'll believe it the day Ozzy sings a real love song. ::animatedlaugh
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Gnomez wrote:

hvymtlmom wrote:

...and that is why I'm at the rail for every show...and why I probably won't see Ozzy when he comes here, fucking SEATS on the floor??? I'll pass...

you're at the rail at every show to wear no underwear and to get your ta-tas out?????

uhhh....noooo....believe it or not, all females are not attention whores, some of us actually go to metal shows because we actually listen to & enjoy the music
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Gnomez wrote:

I was right up front at the barrier last week watching Metallica.
I thought I' get claustrophobic and want to bail but it wasn't really an option as there was no way out.
Having said that I think it's worse when you're 3-5 rows back stuck in the pit with the heaving masses all around you get pushed and shoved and elbowed from all directions and the body heat is horrendous when your trapped from all sides by other people.
At least when you're right at the front you only have people at your sides and behind you and clean fresh air in front of if you get too squashed you put your arms and knees on the rail and push all
the fuckers who are behind you back...
It just never ceases to amaze me that people will come to a concert late and they think because they come in a group or are big they deserve a spot at the barrier too.....ha ha fuck ' and my newfound mates that I met weren't moving for anyone

You can usually get out if you are up against the barrier by asking security up front to help you over and out to the sides. Long live the rail dwellers!!
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Bump for Chrisb
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Rail or GTFO!!
If we are not backstage that is.

Thrashing from day fucking one motherfuckers!
Get Some!

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