This guy is sending out very Vile messages !!!
Pedo/Gay stuff.
He also goes by Screen names>> LIVE DD >> wellington >> e_DDie .....

Stay away from this guy!
You have been Warned!!
He Stalkes kids on the Net.
Over 30 years old,balding and high on Dope!!!

Just let the WIZ know if he fucks around is all you can do!!!!Or Call the Cops!!!!

Thank you....and run like hell young ones!

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Maybe he's related to Doug Hutchison, who married a 16 year old?
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Damn PEDO FREAK Needs a cold cell for life.

Hang em high!!

Get Some!!!

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Dear god this guy wont stop!
Keeps sending PMs about ass fucking and sucking cock.

Pedo freaks on dope,any ideas on what to do with these freaks. Hmmmmmmmmm lets see here....

Take this fucker out Ozzfesters!!

Hail !

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Awww looks like _NFD_ got the Bannhammer!!
Now he goes by the name WIDDLE_FINGER  Aww how cute,this kid must love me LOTS!

I have a fan!! I think he wants my autograph in person!
What do ya say kid!!

Then you can see my face in person and say all you want MMk...

Let me know when and where you would like to get my autograph!!

Thanks for all of your attention!  and a big MIDDLE_FINGER to ya!!!


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