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I think Lordi is pretty awesome. It blew my mind away when I found out that one of the members of the band was a girl. So, I think that kicks major ass. I'm pretty excited to see them at Ozzfest this year. Their new album rocks also in my opinion. When I get the money I'm going to get their old one. I had no idea that their latest album was their 2nd. So, buying their 1st is a must on my list.
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I bought The Arockalypse Special Edition CD the other day and I am impressed...I am actually looking foward to seeing them on the main stage this year...I am gonna watch the dvd later on tonight...::smile
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Ihave only heard a few songs by them and the olny one i really like was "Bloodred Sandman"

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Lordi is just plain fun. Good catchy music, great look and show.
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