1~South Park... Cause everyone I know is a character!  2~Hello Kitty... Cause it's a cute cartoon I like and I like cats! Duh?  3~Goonies... It's an adventure film that reminds me of my childhood adventures.  4~Days of Our Lives... It seems like everyday in my life is a Soap Opera!  Lol  5~Ghost World.... I feel like others 4get I'm here at times!  6~Alice In Wonderland... Sometimes I feel like I'm Alice living around & knowing people who have different personalities. Sometimes they act  like their insane & yet I'm suppose to be like them but I'm the sane one in reality.  7~Cinderella... Cause I cook & clean behind everyone. Meanwhile they ask me 2 do this & that! Lol All true!  8~The Breakfast Club... I'm an outcast that can fit into near bout any sort of group. And not be outcasted.  9~Bridget Jones Diary...  I used 2 write in a Diary/ Journal  about my life. Everyday I wrote in it as often as I could. I don't that often now.  10~Dew Sports Tour... I love Extreme Sports! 
~MsCeeAngel~ XD
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Also ... The Beverly Hillbillies... We used 2 live in a middle class home/ neighborhood then moved and suddenly were in an (rich) upper class home in an upper class neighborhood wanting 2 live the Hillbilly life. (wanting 2 move in the country)
~MsCeeAngel~ XD
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Dam thats alot!   Fast_n_Furious  Dukes_of_Hazard  A_Team  Gone_In_60_seconds    SAW_all    Lords_of_Dogtown    Stargate_tv & movie    Animal_House  Fifth_Element  Mission_Impossible  007_JamesBond            I am always on the move. I like to party!  Im an old skateboarder from Cali. I love to drive fast. I love cars and women.  I like horror. 
I'm the guy your mom warned ya bout!
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Platoon: Im done with the war.....hopefully its done with me
007: Good looking, calm in a shitty situation, and always aware of my surroundings
High Planes Drifter: enough said
Hollywood Knights: I love Muscle Cars and raising hell around the city
Gone In 60 Seconds:....ok I like any thing fast on 4 wheels 
Sylvester and Tweety: I grew up with a parrot and a cat, and for some reason the parrot always got the last
                                laugh. The cats would eventually learn that the bird is not playing games. The parrot
                                is now 28 years old (dont know bird years), and my mom now has 2 cats #24 & 25 I think
Road Warrior: If you cross me bad enough I'll find you.
Cujo: Ive always had big dogs growing up
Boyz N The Hood: Grew up on the West side of town, but like the Jeffersons I moved on up.
MacGuyver: I can pretty much put alot of nothing together and make it work
Full Meta Jacket : I went to boot camp in the 90's but alot of it is still the same
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1. 8mm
2. debbie does dallas
3. mist me vol. 3
4. greasey metal chickz vol. 1072
5. DANZIG home movies vol.1
6. kidnapped lust vol.13
7. .357 takes on tokyo pt.1 of a series
8. glory gash pants
9. torturequeenz top 5 masturbation scenez from outside her window vol.1
10. treat me like a letrean (original version)
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01-Sanford & Son "Pale Fred"
02-Mork & Mindy "Mork" (Robin Williams)
03-My Hero/Red Dwarf "ave Lister" (BBC Shows)
04-TAXI/Man On The Moon "Andy Kaufman" (NBC)
05-Radio (Title Character, Only Pale!)
06-The Ringer "Johnny Like Apples!"
07-Hunchback Of Notre Dame "Quasimodo"
08-Incredible HULK "Bruce Banner"
09-BATMAN Returns "Penguin" (Danny Devito)
10-Family Guy "Peter/Chris" Crossover
11-A Beautiful Mind (Russel's Character)
12-TFG1 "U.Magnus, Blaster & Perceptor" (S2/Toon Film/S

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