01. YOUR PORNO/ELF NAME: ( just add a nasty "verb" in front of your favorite snack food)

02. YOUR GANGSTA NAME: ( first three letters of real name plus "izzle"

03. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: ( favorite color and favorite animal )

04. YOUR Sci-fi/SyFy NAME: ( the first three letters of your last name, first two letters of your first )

05. YOUR SUPERHERO NAME: ( your second favorite color, and favorite drink)

06. YOUR IRAQI/Fantasy NAME: ( second letter of your first name, third letter of your last name, first two letters of your middle name, last two letters of your first name then last three letters of your last name )

07. YOUR WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: ( both parents middle name - start with mother's)

08. YOUR GOTH NAME: ( "black" and the letter "FU" "V" or "Z" in place of the 1st letter of the name of your pet )

09. PIRATE NAME: ( your middle name after the word Captain )

10. ROBOT NAME: ( add Wipe, Bee, Prime, Scream or Tron to an "noun"

11. DISNEY NAME: ( add an "verb" in front of bi, her, bear, year)

12. NINJA NAME: ( first two letters of your first name added with "Ruto" or "Mon" )

13. YOUR STRIPPER/HOOKER NAME: ( Add fook-, Sook-, Blow-, Do-, Alotta-, or Ivanna- in front of a "verb"

But you may never know...
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1. Blowing Cookie
2. Jimizzle
3. Blue Cat
4. Womji
5. Red Rc Cola
6. Imdamyack
7. Christine Dale
8. Black V Ozzy, or how about Black V Cuddles
9. Captain Dale
10. Iommitron
11. Jambi
12. Jimon
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he actually did it
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Why not, I dont have anything better to do...
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1. Wet Cookies
2. Mikizzle
3. Green Wolf
4. Gimmi
5. Black Coke
6. Imankelli
7. Bernadette Vincent
8. Black Fuots, Black Voots, Black Zoots
10. Captain Anthony
11. Skullwipe, Skullbee, Skullprime, Skullscream, Skulltron
12. Diebiherbearyear
13. Ivanna-Spank
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