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I've given-up hope.  I'm not trying to be rude or offensive, even though I normally am, but he's only done 7 Ozzfests in the past 3 years and now he's doing 2 European festivals over the summer.  Even though he's got a huge window, I don't see him flying to and from Europe 2x in one year.
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if it does happen ,  I think it will be 6 or 7 dates, and if the schedulers were smart they would have the dates fall on Saturdays and be spread out across the US....they would have the early dates(summer) happen in the northern states and the fall dates happen in Cali , Texas , and Florida..... and this year....fuck Tinley Park....BRING OZZFEST BACK TO ALPINE VALLEY!!!

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Every year, the speculation starts around this time.  he will Play, there will be an Ozzfest, you read it here first.
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