Nonpoint w/ Rising Up Angry, Beauty To The Moon, and Venejer

Ok well i get there about 3:40, doors open at 7, I always arrive early at GA shows. So doors open and go in, 7:30
Venejer come on. Having seen these guys two months earlier at the Culture Room I liked their show and sound. Band is real energetic play some good songs and get the crowd ready.

Beauty To The Moon: Seen this band 4 times, including this one. Band is so funny when on stage, they take every minute they have on stage and use it as much as they can. Joke with the fans, toss a bottle of Jack Daniels out into the crowd, everybody takes a sip, band gets it back. Lead singer has a real good amount of energy, gets in the crowd and lets them sing.

Rising Up Angry: Not a real good band for a Nonpoint show. Maybe for Trivium or Slayer to open. Not real talkative, play mostly and barely talk. So they get off and there is really no space in the venue, from my eye at least.

Nonpoint: Im traveling to Chicago for OZZfest to see these guys mainly. This show reminds me why. Being in a small venue and just watching a crowd lose it when a home band who hit it big comes home, they sure do support that band. Nonpoint comes out with the beginning guitar to Shadow, the first track off of Miracle. From that moment, its Nonpoints house. Crack out tunes from Recoil, To The Pain, Miracle, Development, Statement, and my favroite Vengeance. This band is just energetic every moment, even the acoustic songs get you losing your mind. They played also 5 Minutes Alone cover which is fucking kick ass. Anyone who judges Nonpoint as terrible or anything, you must have not seen their live show, because hands down, my favorite band to see live. And thats seeing Maiden, Priest, Ozzy, Metallica, Cannibal Corpse, Chimaira, Megadeth, Heaven and Hell (R.I.P. Dio.) So its definitely not because a lack of bands ive seen. These guys just have a dominant presence on stage and I cant wait to see these guys again on mainstage at OZZfest.
Nonpoint setlist:
What A Day
Side With The Guns
The Truth
The Wreckoning
Alive And Kicking
Past It All
Your Signs
Hands Off
Lucky #13
Dead Soul
5 Minutes Alone
Bullet With A Name
Nonpoint : May 19th
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we got to see Rising Up Angry a couple of times last August.  we've known the guitarist, Mickey Vega, since the 80's, through dozens of bands he's played with.  hot dude!  its great to see they're on a good tour.
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