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Gnomez wrote:

Take me instead of your son....I promise I'll be good and I won't whine or suck or fuck anyone out in the open....WTF!!!!???

I speak da truth......some where I have a pic of a guy going down on a girl on the trunk of his Gran Am....and I know 1 of my buds has a pic of a couple screwing right next to the porto potties....out in da open.....just railing her....they didn't care who was watching

alcohol is not a's a be used by responsible drunks
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take him
RIP Rigger Dan
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It's just like Santa's workshop! Except it smells like mushrooms...and everyone looks like they wanna hurt me.
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jennyb4u9 wrote:

what do you guys think about me taking him???????? :-\

Fuck yes!! Take the kid to see the one and only Ozzy .
Why the hell not?Only one Ozzy and who knows how long he is here kicking ass!

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Leave the kid at home, IMHO, the environment is too, for lack of a better word, "mature."  Do you really think he's ready to be exposed to 40-something fat women walking around topless or drunk, smelly mullets puking on themselves. Motely Crue is there, there will be lots of both. Do you think that Ozzfest is the right environment to have that conversation about the funny semlling smoke eminating from the people next to you? I'm just saying.... 
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10yrs....mmmmm..I am not sure bout that one..its totally up to  you as a parent if you want to expose your son to a concert and what happens at concerts...
if he was my son,I would make him wait a few more years...

I was 14 when I went to my first.....

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