I Just Drunk A 3-Liter Of DP And Ate 4-BUCK Doubles From: BURGERKING...
I SERIOUSLY Feel RLY Sick Right Now...I Wanna Hurl, But It Tastes Sooo Freakin' Good. What Should I Do?
I Actually Bought 6...Hey They Were Just $1 EACH! It's A Helluva Lot Cheaper Then Those Skimpy-Ass Value Meals Which START At: $5 EACH! All-In-All I Spent About $8 For 2 Or 3 Meals! But They Smelled Soo Damn Good That I Just Gorged Myself! (NOT The 1st Time, Mind You!) Maybe It's Just Gas Or It Could Become A VERY Wet #2...I Dunno?

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