Lyk totally add me as ur friend so i can lyk b popular & have lyk 2000 ppl i dont no on my buddy list & look cewl 2 all of u ppl!!!

Do you know what's going to happen? We are going to get attacked by the 13 year old preppy girls 0.o!!!
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lol great myspace is taking over the world
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not the 13 year old preps!!!!
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gags they r soooooo annoying
slipknot fan ::smile
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prepare for the end
Signatures are for losers.
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I'll handle this
*cracks knuckles*
Der Metzgermeister

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If a thirteen year old preppy girl was actually brave/stupid enough to sign up on the Ozzfest Boards and post like that I would add them out of principle. Granted, I would spend a good deal of time insulting them, but there's always something to be said for doormats.
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Nothing turns me on more than adherence to the rules of the English language.
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oh hell no.. no young preps will be here... me and i know a few others who would scare the fuck out of them.. they woulden't stay for long!
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oh no...ozzy's only weakness, blond long hair that isent zakk wyldes!!!
Im the Captin!

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LMFAO! hahahaha good one.
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God this is gonna be fun
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lol you guys are funny
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ta what Priestz sayz cuz this thread is reDICKulous

Notorious Nubz
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