. . . .  is total bullshit.  and more and more shows are being sold this way
to prevent ticket scalping and control the number of people getting in to shows


it makes it impossible to purchase tickets for others or
transfer your ticket to another person if you are not able to go for whatever reason

I've always preferred buying physical tickets directly at the box office to
avoid paying extra fees and handling charges.
tickets went on sale for Jane's Addiction at Metro this last saturday and the server crashed
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I usually buy my tickets online but I haven't encountered an online or will call only show over here in PA yet.  Maybe it's a venue by venue thing, or a state statute in your location to crack down on the scalping.  Scalping is legal here with certain parameters, you have to be a certain distance from the venue and you can't get caught selling a certain amount over the ticket price.  Sorry I don't know the exacts but I'm not in the scalping biz lol.
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It's actually the best way to make sure tickets do not end up with scalpers and on ebay for a marked up cost.
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Does anyone know what the deal is for international fans trying to buy tickets to the japanese ozzfest?

I've been to the website but obviously I don't know japanese... I' really like a chance to buy my tickets honestly and not wind up extorted later on by some scalper.
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