So, Fellow Festers...Which Ozzfest Do You Think Was Better & Why? (NOT '
Please List Fav. Bands And How Far It Took To Get 2 Your Venue &
What You Liked About It When You Actually Got There/How They Treated You!
(Includes: Various Giveaways, Programs, Posters, Shirts, Games, Sampler/Music CD's)
And What Other Things/Acts You Would Like To See Happen Next Year!

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out of the years you posted, 07.  because i was at that one and i got to see 4 bands that i love and i've never seen before; Static-X, Hatebreed, DevilDriver, and In This Moment.  but at the time i was not a fan of In This Moment, but i am now curtousy of their new album, I LOVE IT!
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