Wow, What a show! It started with a bang and ended with a 100 megaton explosion of sound. Second stage bands were good. First three main stage bands were better. Then Crue who was in the ultrazone (even though their sound tech couldn't keep it together) came through it with the style of true professionals. It was like they were playing just for me. I brought my son to see them too. Our third Crue show this year and we both agree Crue rocked harder and faster then previous shows this year. It reminded me of that first show when they opened for Ozzy on the Bark at the Moon Tour. Thanks Crue for all the good times.
Now Ozzy, You are amazing! The band that you assembled for this show was top notch. Not since Randy Rhoads has the talent level been so incredible. You really floored me with the kid on Crazy Train, Bravo. Randy would have been proud! I hope you recorded this show for prosperity. It was the best! I sang every song with you from the lawn straight center stage. Missed Flying High Again but Killer of Giants was a nice change.
Nowadays Old is New,  people can't get enough good Rock N Roll and I'm one of them.
In the words of AC/DC "We Salute You" Ozzfest cause, You ROCKED!!!!!!!
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The Hartford stop was definitely an amazing show!!
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