Leave it to Ozzy to rock the house! How awesome to hear him sing Ironman, Fairies Wear Boots, The Road to Nowhere....and he looked like he was having as much fun as we were!
Thanks for bringing Ozzfest back...We want more!
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Ozzy looked so good!  the weather made his hair really curly, until he got all sweaty but he still looked great!

I'm still reeling from that 10 year old Japanese kid playing Crazy Train for the encore.  Gus better step up his game.   the entire crowd was roaring during that, especially when Ozzy picked him up, "Tribute" photo-style.

and shut my mouth!  he did not end with Paranoid.  the last time we saw that happen, Jake E. Lee had slammed down the end of a bottle of Jack Daniels and walked off cuz he was too drunk to finish the set.  coincidentally, Motley Crue had also backed up Ozzy for that show, too.  what, was that 1984? '85?

Motley Crue was surprisingly good.  the last time we saw them was 2007 backing up Aerosmith at Alpine.
Vince's voice was really bad and the band was so off.  but they had the entire crowd rockin this time.

somebody else's review on here for the Devore show said that people were sitting down for Halford. so were we.
I didn't recognize any songs enough to get into it.  and it was weird seeing him out in the sunlight.
yes, he DID sparkle but it was that awesome fringed leather coat with all the silvery doo-dads on it, not him.
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Rob Halford is a metal GOD. Unbelievably talented. I watched his show through binoculars, that made a huge difference. Being so far away from the stage (even at $150 for my seat) and him playing in daylight didn't help, for sure. But it was all right! Up close, it was fantastic. The man is amazing. Some complain because he did his solo and not as much Priest material. However, even NOT knowing more than 3-4 songs he played (because I've not really followed him), every freaking song in his set was bad@ss in my opinion. I just think he should have followed Zakk, then Ozzy followed him. Motley Crue was a bit Vegas for me. Their songs weren't even close to as good as they were in the 80's. Their fans sure are loyal though. Hats off, different strokes for different folks. I'm more of an old school hard rocker myself.
I'll believe it the day Ozzy sings a real love song. ::animatedlaugh
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You didn't like Crue? For me, there were only 4 bands worth seeing this year:
Motley Crue
Drowning Pool
Black Label Society

These four bands kicked MAJOR ass in my opinion. If the show was only these four bands, I would have been perfectly happy. Halford is talented, but super boring. I sat down after the 2nd song. Every DevilDriver song sounded the same and Nonpoint wasn't entertaining either. Every other band on the 2nd stage, besides BLS and DP sucked too. They all sound like they are throwing up into the mic instead of singing.
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...throwing up into the mic indeed. LOL ~*

nah, Motley Crue didn't do it for me. at all. their show in San Bernadino was loud, and there were so many fans loving them, but for me they just were gay. idk. i kept an open mind though, and i don't HATE them or anything. like i said, they were popular with many. i just thought it was like being in Vegas, when they have the scenes with the boats and acrobats and loud canons. it just didn't seem real rock and roll to me. their songs were simplistic and a vague tribute to things they were way better at presenting in the past.

Halford was spectacular though. i just think the pit was too big in San Bernadino, it didn't suit. people were too far from him performing. Also, a daytime show, just as it was with Zakk, didn't do justice. His pipes are fucking unbelievable. i loved him. and this, not from a fan or someone who follows him. he just defines legend. maybe it was the binocs i was using watching the show. if the camera had done the same on the screens for everyone, maybe that would have made the difference.

we agree of course on Zakk. and Ozzy -  he's just beautiful. grabs you in the middle huh?
I'll believe it the day Ozzy sings a real love song. ::animatedlaugh
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