Ozzfest would only play 16 Dates Sarting east and heading west Boston, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indianapolis, Chicago, St Louis, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Houston, Denver, Salt lake City, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego Doing to shows a week starting August 3rd ending September 24th Playing Wednesday's and Saturday's so all the bands have time to rest cuz the time and how late it will be going.

Main Stage:
2:15am Black Sabbath
1:15am Judas Priest
12:15am  Metallica
11:15pm Motorhead
10:15pm Iron Maiden (Starting August 16th)
9:15pm Slayer
8:20pm Motorhead

Second stage:
7:15pm Megadeth (Starting August 16th after they get off of there other touring fest that there on)
6pm System of a Down (Haven't had an album out for a while that's why I put them on second stage)
5pm Anthrax
4pm Black Lable Society
3pm Rob Zombie
2pm Testment
1pm Alice Cooper
12pm Cannibal Corps
11:10am Fear Factory
10:20am Down
9:40am Otep
9am The Black Dahlia Murder
8:20am Whitechapel

Third stage:
6:45pm Marilyn Manson (Haven't had an album out for a while that's why I put them on third stage)
5:30pm Lamb Of God
4:30pm Killswitch Engage
3:30pm Arch Enemy
2:30pm Gwar
1:30pm Devile Driver
12:30pm Shadows Fall
11:35am Meshugga
10:45am As I lay Dying
10am In This Moment
9:20am Behemoth
8:40am Job For A Cowboy
8am The Red Chord

The second and third stages would be right next to each other and you would be able to walk back and forth!
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tickets for that show would have to go for around $250 each
to pay for the talent, the crew and the venue for a show that big

other than that, the line up is okay
but I wouldn't want to see Gwar that early in the day
and Alice Cooper headlining second stage over SOAD
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They might be high but they would be reasonable for what you are getting so they have a better chance of selling  out every show. But would $75 be about right.
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