will there ever be another full ozzfest????? votes

 or will it be a selected number of citys 2 votes
 or is it done? 3 votes
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what do you guys think?
frank grate
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I think it's done, but I could be wrong.  As great as it was over the years, I don't really miss it.  I enjoyed the shows themselves, but the ozzfest camp's secrets and mysteries and outright refusal to give the fans the smallest amount of info up untill almost the beginning of summer in some cases, really turned me off from this fest.  But if it happens, ofcourse I'll have to go.  Providing it's a tour and not some one off show and they give enough notice that I hadn't made other plans first.  2010 was a very limited tour and I was lucky enough to have shows in driving distance and they were awesome shows.  Black Sabbath has yet to release more tourdates, so that could be some glimmer of hope for an Ozzfest tour.  You never know
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sadly  I agree with Jay.....the party is over ....turn out the lights
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I still remember going to freefest and Ozzy saying to everyone "Goodnight, drive safe, and see you next year. I'm still waiting for next year to get here. It's a shame, but I agree. It's all over. Mayhemfest is the next closest thing but pales in comparison to the Ozzfest memories.
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I'm pretty happy with the Mayhemfest though.  To me it feels like the same vibe.  Obviously the MainStage lineups aren't in the same league as any Ozzfest has had, but I'm glad there's something comparable to it. 
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(Blammmoooo!!! FOF kicks the doors to this preposterous topic off the hinges,...enters,...looks around)

GIT THE HELLL OUTTA HERE! ! ! !  Theres no ending of OZZFEST! ! ! !  I recall no such official announcement.

Not to mention substantial obligations which include an OZZFEST in Japan,..and the Full Scale Production and Touring Support of a BLACK FUCKING SABBATH ALBUM! ! ! !,....that may,..possibly ,..could have had a small impact on the wherewithall of various KEY PERSONNEL which would have been instrumental in pulling off an Ozzfest.
I think the guys name is,.....ummmm, bear with me,...its coming to me,...I KNOW THIS! ! !,....shit!! Oh,..wait!!

OZZY!!! thats it my Ozzpals,...O Z Z Y is coming in a few weeks to Brooklyn NY and then finishing a LEG of the Black Sabbath 13 tour with some people he knows, Some Guy by the name of IOMMI and a dude named GEEZER.
Yeah,....thats it.
Personally my interpretation is that Ozzfest will go on and MAYBE it will have Black Sabbath,...but Ozzy for sure.
(mainstage) Sabbath would love the second stage, would be historical for damn sure. Imagine,...if you will.
End of Ozzfest??? I saw no signs, no good byes, tears in eyes,..Its NOT over until Ozzy says its so.

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Hey FOF you degenerate
How you doing?
I saw Sabbath in NZ on 4/20 last year
Awesome show and scored 2 x Tonys picks
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I think the fact that there's been only 1 ozzfest tour in the last 6 years may have something to do with the reason people consider the fest to be done.  And even that one was only 6 dates. 
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Ozzfest is dead. I don't know why they even bother keeping this website alive.
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Well they did have an Ozzfest in Japan last year.  But when it got to the point where they don't even bother telling the fans if there's a tour or a show anymore, then it's dead as far as I'm concerned. 
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