Husband and I went to the show, we walked out in the middle of Ozzy's set to avoid traffic. When we reached our car we found that someone had hit it and ran away; along with two other cars. Ours was worse, it couldnt be driven. If someone saw anything, please contact me - privately if they want.  I had this car for about two months brand new. Justice needs to be done; if they same thing happened to whoever hit it he/she  would want to seek justice.
The show was great; but after tickets, gas, train rides & taxi rides home, and now paying for the damage out of my pocket; it makes me not want to go to another concert again!!
Please help!
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damn....had some damage done to my car at Mansfield's Mayhmfest.  Not as bad as yours.  does suck though.  Hopefully you find the bastard
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was your car the white car that was being loaded up onto the flat bed toe truck by section k in the parking lot???
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damm dude that really sucks. hope ya find the person who did it. thats why i park in a garage. and not those lots.
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That blows, my brother backed into a car after a BLS concert one night, it wasnt at the concert, it was in the city after we ate. It was in a dark alley so we said fuck it b/c the guy was in a no parking zone........Oops 
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