Hey does anyone know if there will be shuttle buses to and from Ozzfest in Devore/San Bernardino??? if so where do they leave from pleeeeez?? I wont be driving to the event and have read about the shocking traffic problems especially getting out after the festival and hey I'm an Aussie and no one wants me driving on the wrong side of the road lol!    Shuttle buses would be a better idea to get everyone in and out...?
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Looks like you've had a lot of views to your query but no responses
Someone must be able to help this guy out?
You can't go all the way from Aussie to Ozzfest to get stuck in traffic!?
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Dude I would think there is but then again I have never seen shuttles to this venue... Then again maybe I have never seen them because I'm either in line or too busy stuck in that hellhole of a parking lot for a while 
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I think some of the local hotels might have those for guest staying at their locations. Check with the hotels and ask. That would be the best bet
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