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Kindbud wrote:

I think it is a killer lineup! A nice mix of metal, heavy sh!t all day with 3 headlining ICONS! Great metal all day long including bands never on Ozzfest before.  Just about every band on Mayhem I've already seen at past Ozzfests.  This is actually a fresh and exciting lineup!!! Plus I agree Motley Crue will kick everyones ass, not because thier metal is heavier, but because they know how to kick ass like no other!

I totally agree.  While I dont' have a problem with the mayhemfest lineup, it's all bands I've seen either multiple times or recently.  It'll be cool, but there's nothing fresh about it.  All those bands have played the ozzfests and the sou nds of the undergrounds in recent years and all that.  This is very fresh.  I'm not a crue fan but to see halford and ozzy playing the same stage and devildriver will be awesome.  Second stage I'm really looking forward to as well with BLS, skeletonwitch, kataklysm, ghoatwhore.  some great stuff.  I understand to each his own we all can't like the same things.  I think the main thing people are bitching about is Crue. 
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Wah wah ozzfest hurt my feelings. Go the fuck away then no one cares. I think this is a great lineup. Classic metal with a mix of new shit. Great job guys and thanks for coming back to Illinois
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