Looks like we have to travel once again is all.That is what makes life interesting ya know!Fucking Halford will rule big time man!!Hell yes!!Oldschool Crue always kicks ass!Been since 83/84 with the first tour they did with Ozzy for me!!Ozzy is the man,nuff said..

The rest of the lineup is good other then Nonpoint(Blaaaa!)Congrats to Skeletonwitch for playing Ozzfest!!
No bitching from our camp,this oldschool metalhead will kick ass along with thousands of other metal Vets!Who0o0o0o Yeah bitches!

Sorry kids,guess Gayhem will be your crapfest to see!Hahahahahaha! stay away then and bitch all day to mom.

OZZY !! OZZY !! OZZY !! Fingers to all on the new board.

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I'll take a real metal Ozzfest over a pozer infested Gayhemfest anyday
Mmmmmmmm Hmmmmmmm Who0o0o0o Wheeeeeeeee!!

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