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Yea and how many ladies are gonna be flashing? Will there be a boob painting tent this year?
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Tiger479 wrote:

Thats starting to be the norm for beer, between 8, and 10 bucks. We usually keep beer in the car and put some down before we go in to cut down on buying inside

reason #117 why the First Midwest Bank Amphitheater sucks;

the parking attendands (read;  human traffic cones)  guide you into your spot and yell at you until you leave the car and walk to the gates.  you are not allowed to stay in the parking lot once you have parked your car.

= no tailgating.  period.

the main reasons why the price of beer and food increase every year is because the price of insurance goes up  to cover the problems that are caused by serving them.  food poisoning is not uncommon (avoid the condiment counter) and they think that if they charge more for beer, people will drink less of it, not get drunk out of their minds and cause all kinds of problems on their way home from the show.

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They raised the insurance because they know we're a bunch of crazed maniacs, drunk or not. A while back one of my first concerts was Metallica and Hetfield got sick and didnt show. They told the crowd and people proceeded to tear the place apart. 
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