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yeah....I have a trap camera or trail cam that I have used and have have a couple of pics with some weird mists in them.....my camera is a 35mm type ( actual film ) instead of digital....i think old school cameras and recorders work better than the new technology because the "new" stuff uses filters and shit to clean up the pictures and sounds....thus eliminating any abnormalities in the film or on the tape.....OLD SCHOOL is the way to go.
.....if you really want to go old school , try throwing down some flour where you my have heard footsteps or seen something walking......I've gotten some interesting results that way....footprints out of thin air

alcohol is not a toy.......it's a tool....to be used by responsible drunks
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my thing mainly is precognitive dreams
I can have a really vivid dream about something normal and boring
that turns into something wild and outrageous
and when that normal and boring thing happens in real life
I hold my breath and wait for the wild and outrageous thing to happen

most of the time its nothing remarkable and I don't worry about it too much
until I dreamt about 9/11 before it happened
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