First off, I have made the trek to Ozzfest every year since it started way back in 1996.  I was quite happy to see it return this year, let alone return to Pitt.  It felt like coming home being back there...

Unlike years past, I was not there bright and early with bells on.  Honestly, most of the bands on the second stage I was unfamiliar with so I did not feel overwhelmed to get there early.

We (my wife & I) got there with enough time to see BLS, who were kicking some ass.  We would have been there about an hour sooner, but fucking the traffic & construction was insane there for awhile.

I was pretty underwhelmed with the main stage until the Crue took it.  I am not a fan.  I found however, just like in years past with bands like Judas Priest, Slayer, Lamb of God, etc, I really enjoyed the show.  I tip my hat to the Crue.

Now seeing Ozzy at least once a year since 1996 (except for '09 of course) I have seen him do very well, and I have seen him do very poorly.  I can say honestly as an Ozzy fan or not, Ozzy was right on the money last night.  I can not remember the last time I saw him & heard him perform so well.  The set was amazing.  I don't know about you out there, but I for one was happy not to hear "Mama I'm coming home".  I' take "Into the Void" everytime...

Parting words about Gus G.

If I were one of Ozzy's former guitar players and I was at that show, I would say, that new kid just played that as I would have & played the fuck out of it.  Say what you will but I for one, am happy that he's aboard.

Parting words on the 9 year old being at the show:

What a surprise!  That little bastard sure can play.  I like the classic Randy Rhodes pose Ozzy did by picking the kid up.

Last thoughts:

Please, let me see you next year Ozzfest at Pittsburgh.

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I didn't like Nonpoint, or Devildriver at all, I thought Halford was okay in my opinion not really knowing him too well,  Motley Crue was pretty damn good, and Ozzy Osbourne Was Freaking Amazing!!!  If you ask me every artist compared to Ozzy and maybe Motley Crue were night and day compared to the Prince of Darkness.  However, I'm not a big metalhead and am more into country music, but Ozzy Osbourne is just the King Of Heavy Metal and Rock N Roll and is the best there is by far and I love his music it's just Unbelievable!!!  He was Awesome Last Night!!! This was the third time I have seen him since 2005 and he's just as good now as he was in 2005 and his voice is just Insane!!! 
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Thanks for sharing   

Ozzy da man! 

:-\ don't like Crue myself. They were 'meh.' Too Vegas for me. I like the real deal.

I went to CA. Cool to know the other shows were as HOT as the first. ~*
I'll believe it the day Ozzy sings a real love song. ::animatedlaugh
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You Ask Me Black Label Society Deserved The Main Stage In Stead Of Devil Driver & Non Point.Halford Was Great Just Wished That He Would've Sang Some Old Judas Priest.Motley Crue Was Killer Best Show Of The Night,Ozzy Did Not Impress Me Too Much.Next Year I Say Bring Crue Back,Add Metallica,Iron Maiden,Black Sabbtah,& Black Label Society To The Main Stage.Hopefully It Will Return To Charlotte,North Carolina Next Year Also.
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BLSRKiller wrote:

... Halford Was Great Just Wished That He Would've Sang Some Old Judas Priest ...

Well, he did play one one ... "Never Satisfied" off of Rocka Rolla (..
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