I Originally Joinned OZZFEST.COM In 2006 (As ZaktarZodiac) And I Even Transferred Most Of My Previous Info To The New Forums In 2007, As Well As Nurturing The Change That Made Things Much Simpler. I Really Love(ed) The April 2007 - April 2010 Boards. But I Unfortunately Have Been Offline For The Last 10-Months. A Few Days Ago When I Was Recently And Abruptly Told That The Host Server Had Switched Over And That The Format Was Very Much Like The Old 2004-2006 Boards, I Was Shocked! Then I Read That Previous Profiles Were To Be Switched Over And I Breathed A Sigh Of Relief Only To Find Out That My 3000 Post Count Did Not Switch Over...WTF? Between This And The Fact That ALL OZZFESTS Up To 2007 Were Awesome With Some Minor Execptions (I Attended 2002, 2005 And , But Then Came The Stupid 2008 TEXAS DestFest, No Show In 2009 And Now 6-Dates To Nowheresville And They Expect Fans To Ante-up For One Of The Worst Line-Ups To Date? I Mean Yeah, Drowning Pool And Motley Crue Are Cool And All, But This Is OZZFEST...I Expect Much, MUCH Better!!! Anyways...Could You At Least Restore My Member Status And/Or Post Count? Maybe Then I'll Feel Much Better About This Whole Ordeal And Hopefully The Site Will Improve In The Coming Months...Thank You For Your Coroporation, ZaktarZodiac. ???

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