That would be so bad ass! I hope to god this is true!
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Good interview, but not really news. Of course Bill is open to it. The Big question, is how does it sit with Tony?
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DirtButton wrote:

Good interview, but not really news. Of course Bill is open to it. The Big question, is how does it sit with Tony?

You are right.....It's going to all come down to Tony.....It would be awesome for them to put out one last album

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would be great to see the original sabbath lineup again.
but i doubt it would happen soon, ozzy has a new solo album on the way and any touring would be for that
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It would not be awesome to see the original line-up back together because of one thing. They would play the same pld setlist over and over again just like they did from 1997-2006. Each member has previously stated that recording an album with the original line-up is a difficult 2001 they attempted it and things felt forced and the chemistry was gone. The only way I could see an original line-up reunion would be a slow and gradual shift.
an ozzy/iommi collaboration (some bad blood and probably most of the tension)
then a bill/iommi collaboration (iommi dissed bill in 2007 when attempting to record with heaven and hell, if they could collaborate it would freshen the air a bit)
and then maybe a black sabbath reunion song and one concert.
If they are all comfortable after that, then they could head in the studio and make some magic!
BUT right now I wouldnt bet on it ever happening...
Bill is releasing 3 albums soon
Heaven & Hell still have more plans.
Iommi was curious on making either a blues album or another hughes album.
Geezer might even want to turn his attention solo for a little bit since he's been away from that for over 5 years now.
Ozzy is about to release what a lot of people are believing could be his "come-back) album.
and sad to say...ozzy is losing it, My all time favorite vocalist but you can tell his voice is shot and has been since 2000 and it hasnt gotten any rain and the new single have a SHIT LOAD of vocal modulation, but if he can still pull off at least half a set w/o his voice cracking he's not out for the count yet...

In all honesty I could see a SEVENTH STAR (black sabbath) reunion before an original line-up reunion at this point.
Facts are facts and they may not be NICE or what we would wish for but.....hey who knows...crazier shit has happened!

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I guess time will tell. Another factor thant may come into play is Ronnie's health. While obviously we all wish him the best and hope for a quick recovery, this may not be the case for them. They were just forced to cancel a bunch of dates because he wasn't up to it right now. If RJD is going to need a lengthy time period to kick cancers ass, having H&H out of action could increase the chances of a Sabbath reunion in the meantime.
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