I entered a contest on 2 weeks ago and the winners havent been announced... publicly anyways...
But Joe is going through some shit so Ill let it slide... if I dont win by like august-ish Im buying it
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I bought it. There's some great footage on this DVD, and it's a must for my collection of all things Sabbath and Ozzy. Their more recent interviews discussing the day are cool too.

There is, however, the most gay-eth of things said by this one guy I just can't get past. He's discussing Iron Man and just sounds like a fucking fruity loop-toon. WTF is up with that?! Iron Man NEVER struck me or my friends as fucking gay as it struck this guy, that's for damned sure. Who was in charge of the final product here anyways. Damn.

I'll believe it the day Ozzy sings a real love song. ::animatedlaugh
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