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I've never listened to them.

me neither. maybe we should start?

White Pony by Deftones is the only album worth checking out.

Some people do feel this way, but I don't agree with this statement. Most of White Pony is good, but there are some really weak songs on there. My opinion on their albums is that Adrenaline is awesome, Around the Fur is awesome, White Pony is good, Self Titled for the most part sucks ass, SNW is okay but some songs on there straight up suck, and Diamond Eyes is awesome.

For anyone who hasn't really checked out The Deftones, I think any of their albums would be great to pick up to check them out except for Saturday Night Wrist (as it's one of the weaker efforts) and Self Titled (I hate most of that album).  This is just my opinion of course, but really I would stay away from Self Titled at least. At least at first.

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