always did like Ozzy's tats...

great stuff 
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Always liked the big demon tat.
I will be getting some ink work myself very soon.

Any way you cut it,Ozzy is the man !and that fucker will kick our asses on that stage till the very end man.

Hail to the madman!

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Just goes to show how Ozzy really started it all
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I love the comments section, where the guy tells his story (in 5 installments)
of getting his own blue demon tattoo and then showing it to Ozzy at the book signing.

back in the 80's we went to a costume contest and I drew most of Ozzy's tattoos on my sister
(he didn't have as many back then) and we did her makeup like the cover of Diary of a Madman
she came in third in the womens' division, behind a couple of buxum broads dressed up in
naughty nurse or french maid costumes, something slutty the crowd went berzerkers for   
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