Aw, that little comment on No Point was pretty cute. By the way, Nonpoint, and I dont know, I think they are pretty damn deserving of the spot. Do you even know anything of the band?
Nonpoint : May 19th
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nonpoint is not a good band, also do you have the setlists for side stage bands?
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Nonpoint is a good band.  Now they're more suitable for mayhem or Uproar than Ozzfest, but they're still good.
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I don't know why people were expecting Halford to play Priest songs. Just because Ozzy will play songs from his other band does not mean that Halford will. I wish he would have played more material from Resurrection (more than he already did).
Slave to the power of death
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Rob Halford put on a fucking AWESOME show, OMFG. He is a metal GOD. Ozzy put on a fucking BEYOND AWESOME show too. The two of them made the $150 I slapped down WELL worth the 3 months of struggle to make back the money. As for changes, BLS should have been main stage, and Devil Driver on second stage imho. DD just didn't capture the crowd, and their singer sounded like he was possessed and in desperate need of a fucking throat lozenge. Maybe one in 200 were actually headbanging to the songs and mumbling probably what their best guess was that was being sung. Ridiculous. Zakk just isn't a daytime kind of act to see. He was awesome, but finer than the acts before him. Motley Crue sure got many excited, but realistically, not having experience with them but knowing a few songs? They didn't sound ANYTHING like they sound on vinyl in the past, their chops were sloppy and the overall tunes were just not there. A few songs were inspiring to the fans, one in particular when the drummer came up and played the piano. All around it was so Vegas, guess that's why they say "ifferent strokes for different folks." Lots loved them. I wouldn't pay to see them myself. But you know how the country is about glam shit. Who can figure. I'm old school myself. Agree about the dress-ups, saw several around me as a case in point. It was all good. They were cool with Halford and Ozzy, I was cool with the Crue.

Fucking WAYYYYYYYYY beyond badass guys. UNFUCKING BELIEVABLE. A great day in the sun with fellow metalheads...rocking with Drowning Pool, watching the youngun's moshing all over the place, and being fucking mesmerized by REAL FUCKING LEGENDS WHO BRING IT RAW, DEEP, AND METAL.

I'll believe it the day Ozzy sings a real love song. ::animatedlaugh
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so how long did motley crue and Ozzy play for? I heard in a review from a Cali paper that Ozzy played for close to 2 hours but I just cant believe thats true.
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