Awww how cute....
Looks like things got dull at Gayhemm again.

You poor bastards.Hahahahahahaha!!

Get some !

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School is out. They are all locking themselves in their rooms and putting on goth makeup 
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Speak 4 yoursadassselves! 1st of all, haven't been back to Mayhem for months now (since my PC crashed!) 2nd, i'm 33 & still going to Community College. 3rd, haven't worn makeup since 80's KISS concerts, amonst others back then. Now i can't say that i haven't worn either a helmet or mask during festive holidays. So you got me there, but then again, you didn't ask that...did you?

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Get Some PUNKS!! EEYOR needs a good THASHING!!

ols school style!! I wannt rape that ASS

who0o0o0o wheeee smoke that meth!! I'll fuck your dad for 20 bucks!!

we get it here!!!

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