And hey, just one lone womans opinion...but here goes. It's so different, wow. Very. All of the band, talk about ROCKING. WOW. The album is growing on me already. No wonder the rave reviews!

Let It Die, I thought meh on the video, but it's bad@ss to hear the whole thing. I love it!

Let Me Hear You Scream, of course, rocks. A really different driving, heavy sound brought by the mix of Gus and Blasko, big time. Holy smokes.

Soul Sucker is a perfect example of hot and creative times in the studio...awesome!

Life Won't Wait, beautiful Ozz. Another classic. ). Very uplifting, and inspiring. My fav kind of Ozzy song only this time all blended in with a hard edged sound, wow.

Digging Me Down (OMG, that is a gorgeous start to the song & I agree with another fan, it's enough to make me cwy!!!) flowing into the most insane METAL SOUND IT'S FREAKING BAD@SS GUYS!!! ~*

Crucify, well, what can I say. I think the theme has been a bit beat into the ground by this time. I get the idea of hypocrisy in religious people...the song just seems to be beating a dead horse. Especially after Digging Me Down. Just my opinion of course. There's more to Ozzy's music then that well worn shoe, way more. "yawn" would be my final vote on the lyrics. the music, it's cool.

Fearless has some great parts to it, but it's a bit lame in it's beat imho...although I do like the chorus part. Gus' solo's on the song give it some redemption. Just not enough to make me like the song more than "o.k."

One song I haven't gotten to like yet and I've listened 5x now and have had the same feeling. The song? Time. It has beautiful lyrics, but Ozzy's vocals? Meh. Not the chorus, his main verses.

I Want it More has some of the sweetest riffs throughout, and the changes in tempo after 4:15, that really turns your head 360. It rocks. Too bad more of that wasn't in the whole song, instead of just a one shot at the end ). How that was done was hot!!! SOAD does that, and it always works for me.

Latimer's Mercy, well, I struggle a bit with Ozzy's vocal style on this song. The lyrics are pretty biting. I read what the man did, and can empathize that someone can make a choice in love for a child, but the delivery in vocals is weird to me (sorry Ozzy). That's just me being honest. It's not the song, which rocks. Or Ozzy's voice. It's just what is being sung. That combo doesn't work for me. But neither did Bloodbath In Paradise, because it just seemed weird too. Off. Kinda evil. This doesn't feel evil, it just seems weird.

And who wouldn't smile with I Love You All?

Great sounds from this whole band - showing definitely what you see in each and every set of shoes in your band. Holy crap. Blasko DEFINITELY comes to life with this drummer and this guitarist. I'm on round 5 of the whole album...and it's awesome!

I have GOT to get to bed. As was said, it's not like what he's done in the past, that's for damned sure.  Wow, so glad Ozz posted the album for fans - although the time is not too good when I have to get my butt off to work early in the morning!!!!  LOL ).

I hope SOMEONE from the site gets to hear this album, not just me!!!!
I'll believe it the day Ozzy sings a real love song. ::animatedlaugh
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