I gave it listen around 3 am this mornin and well..yeah ..

A few tracks on it are good.Sure isnt like the first day when i picked up Blizzard or Diary ya know!
A few more listens on the studio equip. today for sure. 

Hail to the Madman i say!


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...like i have said before,SCREAM soundz cookie-cutter. love ya OZZY.
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I listened to the whole album 2X and I think it's pretty fucking decent....different ,but a great album none the less.....a couple of "ok " tracks , but all in all I like it.....thumbs up Ozzy.....and a pair of devil horns to

alcohol is not a toy.......it's a tool....to be used by responsible drunks
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stevenstrong wrote:

...like i have said before,SCREAM soundz cookie-cutter. love ya OZZY.
The truth takes courage to display sometimes,........I respect your take.
If you let it grow on you like some music eventuallly does for me....then you will have been given the gift of truly listening....
And you will have done that for yourself.
Target, Staples, Best-Buy, and Lowes are all cookie cutter too,...but I stilll get stuff there.
Ozzy is more mainstream now,...cookie cutter goes with that management driven territory.
Too bad it`s not like the past where a select few of us had the secret of Ozzy in our underground.
I havent listened to the whole thing yet because I dont get sucked in oh so easily like the herded masses do,...
Thats a sign of weakness...I do what the fuck I want, when I want.
Always have,...always will. I might check Ozzy`s new stuff out when I feel like it.
I`m damn sure not "logging on" to that shit Myspace to do so....
I like to hold stuff like CD`s and records....I`ll buy mine at Borders to have and hold and listen to as I please.
The truth is bitter sometimes.
If Ozzy`s new stuff is perceived by others as something different than what one sees it as,....at least one can see.
Ozzy would want it that way for you..........

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shuddupz FOFz y00z talk too  much

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Listened to it a few times, it's good solid record. Ozzy still has it. Enough said!

Not sure if there was any gain or loss going from Zakk to Gus G (maybe a few less pinch harmonics) because I hear a lot of similarities. 
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Airforce, from what I read Gus played the songs as Zakk had laid down the guitar parts, maybe adding his own stuff here and there but that's why I think you hear the cross bred sound. I want to hear Gus, 100% full-out. He is definitely very talented. I'm excited! This album rocks, his next one - watch out. I hope he unleashes his talent and blows us all away. I love Zakk too btw.
I'll believe it the day Ozzy sings a real love song. ::animatedlaugh
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