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Tallica247 wrote:

Crazy_eyes wrote:

I' been pickin' the Patriots ever since the very beginning.

very beginning of what?
The season?

I meant the playoffs.  After they lost my vote went to the Jets, after they lost my vote went to the Packers (they were always my vote for NFC team).
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Like I said.. Packers would win! But either way was cool 2 me. I like both teams! Always been a Steelers fan since I was a kid. And later as an adult I became a Packers fan! It was a great game nonetheless! Loved the Half-Time show! I like the BEPs. Loved it that Slash was there! I tweeted him telling that! Not 2 keen on Fergie singing Sweet Child O Mine tho. Like her otherwise! And Usher? He was good. Wierd that he was on tho. But it was a good show! ;p My fav commercial was from... It was the 1 that showed a ladies rockin bod then as the camera went up it showed that it was Joan Rivers. Some guys I knew went ah man now that's a bod! Then wanted 2 barf when they found out it was Joan. Later we found out that her head was edited in. Good work! Worst commercial was the 1 that starred Roseanne. I like her but not in that commercial!
~MsCeeAngel~ XD
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