I need to sort my shit out and find some time to sit down and organise some decent playlists for my iPhone
I have one playlist of about 180 songs but it's a real miss-mass of stuff
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its not to to bad.......prolly  listen to about half of that  myself.....

personal taste....I  would change about 20 {if not more} of those songs......but hey its music

so much to choose many bands to listen too,not all of us like the same things.......

I say go enjoy your it loud play it  proud ...... 
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I'm with Minime.....everyone has different tastes in music , Hell I like certain things sometimes and other times I really don't want to listen to them....depends on my mood I guess or how many beers I've had....each to his own , whether it be Country , Classical or f@#king Metal.....enjoy your music and don't let anyone tell ya yer gay for liking Shania Twain......I'm listen'n to Johnny Cash right now as a matter a fact.....and life is good.

alcohol is not a's a be used by responsible drunks
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