he looks good and sounds great......

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The new line-up is fuckin great!!!
His best since Ozzmosis or Bark At The Moon!
Ozzy sounds like he's really getting his voice back into shape!
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So great!!
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Hells yeah!  I hope this is performed at the Pittsburgh Ozzfest,  that would be worth the price of admission alone.
See you in the darkness wanker!
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Ozzy sounded good...the band, not so much. I'm sure they'll improve.
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An enjoyable usual.
It`s unavoidable for me to compare Gus G. to Jake E. Lee`s playing style on that song,..also comparing it to Zakk`s style of playing it live.
So,...they traded in a Jersey boy for a fresh young "look at me I can play fast" kind of guy??
Zakk`s style was more solid and substantial. Fast is not better,`s just a speedier version of diluted substance.
Gus G. looks good,....sounds good.
Let him fill in the role of these GREAT guitarists Ozzy always seems to come up with,....time will tell.

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Yea thanx Wiz

I think Ozzy sounds great

really hope they dont keep shoving the keyboards down our throat in every
song on the solo tour.

I mean some songs are supposed to have it but most should not have all that
keyboard in it

But hey fuckit thats just my opinion

Ozzy rocks as always
RIP Rigger Dan
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