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I hope you're happy just gave Ministry fucking nightmares for a week with that eyeball story...nice going

alcohol is not a's a be used by responsible drunks
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Catz is afraid of his own shadow
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gnomez afriadz of teh pussaez
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catz is a afraid of "the man"
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WTF is wrong with Whales M&M?

The blue whales tail has a width that is as long as a jumbo jet
Ive seen pictures of oil tankers near a blue whale and the tanker was only 1/4 the size of this fuckin creature...
we would be 1/8 the size of the fuckers eye
Scary as shit.

the first thing a friend of mine did when he moved to california was go whale watching
they got in the boat, sailed out a ways, stopped and dropped anchor
then he says, "okay so where are all the whales?" and suddenly
a giant eyeball pops up out of the water right next to the boat.

my fear?  elevators, especially the ones with a cage door or freight elevators.  I hate to see the walls go past while its going up or down.  it makes me feel like I'm falling to my death.

That made me cringe
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Camel Toes > Whale Tales
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Hey M&M if you ever come to NZ we can hop in a little boat and go whale watching in Kaikoura.
I think we only have little hump back or sperm whales here...not bluies.
Have you seen the NZ movie Whale Rider?
You gotta face your fears man!
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1.running out of weed Armegeddon that causes us to run out of weed
3.getting trapped in a snowstorm and running out of weed warming bad enough that they run out of weed
5.being shipwrecked without weed
6.being stuck at home without weed
7.leaving my house without weed
8.someone steeling my weed
9.Going to prison because of weed
10.My children smoking weed
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i am afraid of this wesite being TAKEN OVER by lifeless paramedics who love LADY CHAOS MCFARLANE!
i know. it is sad that me talk pretty one day was not on PRIMUSUCKS bestseller list?
instead. lowedown used it as kitty liner for sadians poopie bed.

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