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trying to mix things up huh?

New American Gospel and As the Palaces Burn both have mixing problems between the lyrics and guitars/drums. It doesn't sound right... As the Palaces burn has less of those problems in that it just seems as if the Randy's level should have been raised a couple of notches. New American Gospel on the other hand should be rerecorded all together. The first 4 songs are alright but then the sound quality goes to shit.
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Lordi---The monster show (greatest hits import of the first 2 albums) and The arockalypse
LOG---Ashes of the wake and as the palaces burn
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What's wrong with you people?!

Jagbag- "Hail the return(of SSS) or GTFO."
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log As The Palaces Burn fucking brutal and lordi suck dick

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as the above post sad, you want As The Palaces Burn, I got every cd other than New American Gospel and it is my favorite
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LordSimen said: Lordi has 3 studio releases
Get Heavy
The Monstetrican Dream
The Arockalypse

CORRECTION: Lordi has 4 studio releases
Get Heavy (w/PC-CD-ROM)
The Monstetrican Dream
The Monster Show (w/DVD)
The Arockalypse (w/DVD)

DVD's Include Concerts, Videos & Even
A Movie Made By LORDI Themselves!

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everything pre sacrament, even though there are a few good songs off there

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