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did some research
made my list ..
got a few places loaded on the GPS
car tanked up with gas ..
time to go Shopping...

will post on what I got ,if anything tonite or tomorrow..
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Are you guys still out shopping?
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6 pm pst here Gnomez..just walked into the door .
spent a great day with the wife,went to 3 wonderful places
picked up a crap load of stuff..
cd and Vinyl...everything I wanted,I got except the 7 inch Flying high 45...
here his a lil teaser for ya i will post a complete list tonite when I get back from
diner and the movies...

I got the 180 gram 30th Anni edition of Blizzard of Ozz and
Dairy of a Mad Man ..
Dio's Kill the Dragon Picture Disc ..number 2300 of the 2500 that were
released today..

will post the entire list tonite when  I get home ....
trust me think you guys are going to like what I got
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we got the Ozzy vinyls and a whole bunch of other stuff, spent almost $100 on;
Vinyl;  Monty Python's Meaning of Life soundtrack and Contractural Obligations (import)
        Deep Purple's Book of Taliesyn and Who Do We Think We Are
        Spike Jones and his City Slickers are Murdering the Classics
        Cheech and Chong's Greatest Hit
CDs;  Pantera Cowboys from Hell
        Rutles Archaelogy
VHS;  The Compleat Beatles
        The Jerky Boys Don't Hang Up Tough Guy
Helping My Boss Find His Own Ass with Both Hands since 1986!
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here is what I got..
7'' 45 vinyl
Jimi Hendrix.Fire
The Cars..Sad Song
Queen.Keepin Yourself  Alive
Mastodon/ZZ Top.Just got Paid
The Doors.Riders on The Storm
The Rollin Stones.Brown Sugar
AC/DC.Shoot to Thrill
Derek and The Dominos.Got to get Better in a Little While
Machine Head 10'' Vinyl The Black Procession
12 inch Vinyl
Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers.you goin to get it
Tom Petty and The Heart Breakers.self title first album
Pink Floyd.180 gram
Eric Clapton.Unplugged 180 gram
Jimi Hendrix..BBC Sessions 180 gram
Jimi Hendrix..Live at Woodstock  complete 15 song performance 180 gram
Paul McCartney..Wings over America
Paul McCartney.Red Rose Speedway
Sgt Peppers LonelyHearts Club Band ..Movie Sound Track Performed by Abbey Road in '78
Them Crooked Vultures Picture Disc
Dio Kill the Dragon Picture Disc
Blizzard of Ozz 30th Anni  180 gram
Dairy of A Mad Man 30th Anni 180 gram
Ozzy Osbourne Scream 180 gram
Heaven and Hell .The Devil you Know 180 gram
Black Sabbath Live at Hammersmith Odeon #2251 of 3000 on 180 gram
9  Testament CD's
4 Amon Amarth CD's
2 Sepultura CD's
Ozzy's Speak of the Devil remasterd Cd
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Good score!
Great buying guys!!
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Damn it to hell, I had to work all day yesterday  Now I'll have to go and scavenge for left overs 
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Already some of the albums sold on Record Store Day have been listed on eBay
There's one Dio picture disc at $49.99 and nine Flying High albums at various prices
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wow .
the sticker on mine says 29.99
20 dollar profit..I like that.

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Got both Blizzard, and Diary 180's yesterday. Blasting Diary as we speak.. or as I type, you know what the hell I mean. 

The 7in. Flying V would have been awsome. Did anybody get one? 
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all 3 stores I went to didnt have any copies.
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