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They sound dangerous to your waistline
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I can only hope they are not open after midnight when I get home from work
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Gnomez wrote:

This was intended as a serious thread about Paul Dianno

Burger Fuel or Burger Wisconsin are the best here (dunno if u get them
in the US of A)

Burger Wisconsin? New Zealand ?....thats pretty cool name for a burger joint.....I would say that Red Robin makes a pretty good burger....not sure if they are a national chain or not but they are pretty popular here in Wisconsin....they also have a bottomless platter of much as you can shove down your that's dangerous to the waistline

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I miss the IN N OUT from Cali. 
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In N Out fucking rules! There's this place called Unami Burger and another called Counter Burger that are gourmet style that aren't bad, but nothing touches In N Out.
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tasty freeze.
good luck finding one nemor.
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