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Mantooth wrote:

Daddy, I think we need a new mommy.
Yeah...I know. Get in the car son...

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f_darkbladeus wrote:


I`m a lot like you except I love Ozzy in a rock fan way. You seem to do the same with actual emotions involved. Please...(and I know you will) correct me if I am mistaken.

Did you not go off on a tirade against the very people you claim Ozzy will make an album with, the other members of Black Sabbath? How is that supposed to be going along? ( you said some pretty harsh stuff about 2 of them)

I get it that this is the way you show your love for Ozzy, as I was as vehemently defensive and outspoken at one point here as well as it pertained to Ozzy`s detractors.

Are you trying to imply something here FOF. Something along the lines of "your reply is not valid because you are a hyterical female?" Please tell me that is NOT what you are using as a response. Though it may not be so, just in case? The use of masculism as a response to a woman is pretty demeaning.

I stand by what I stated in the other thread regarding the backstabbing behavior in 1978 from Iommi and Butler. As well as behind what I stated including citations of articles showing what they said about Dio and Ozzy that portrayed Ozzy as a substandard and undesirable collaborator. Is the impression that "your opinion won" on that thread? I understood it that you acknowledged factual things were right out there for ALL THE WORLD TO SEE in the press said by Geezer and Iommi. As I said then and I still believe now, it was an underhanded, backstabbing and tacky way of the two of them making Ozzy look "less than" to rock fans. And has caused a great deal of unnecessary comparisons between Ozzy vs Dio since with parrots of Iommi. If you were implying then what you are saying more blatantly here, I would have said something a bit more direct to you then.

Being a fan of Ozzy and "loving" him as one AND BEING FEMALE does not imply my responses to anything are "emotional" and to be taken as less valid than yours because it comes out of the lips of a guy.

Got that?
So whats with the scowling emoticon then? Anyway...you called the person from the other website a "crack-type mama" based on what? the avatar they used?? Thats even worse...wow.
And you never mention that to her there...only HERE.(with no oportunity for them to respond here) Thats what I meant. Whats with the term "mama"...what does her sex have to do with it?
There is no implication as to your response other than that you bring up in various posts citing him being "Hot" or "sexiest man alive"...nothing wrong or invalid about that, its just different than the male ozzy fan perspective....yeah... because you are a female.
Not me doing anything other than mentioning that. Your words and posts....not mine.
I dragged that thread out for the convenience of all concerned. "Ozzy and Bill" thread....sounds like they`ll be in the studio any day now...Hmmmmm

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I'll believe it the day Ozzy sings a real love song. ::animatedlaugh
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I farted in this thread too. sorry, bladey, I had beans for dinner, can't help myself!
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