Colleges That DON'T Let-Up On Homework/Blackboard During The Holidays...Hell,
They ACTUALLY Double The Load! Come-On, Let Your Hair Down & Bring-On The Freakin' NOG Damnit!

This Post Was Made For Those Who Use "turnitin.com" (NOT Gawdamn Smartass High School Brats!)
I Goto College About 3-Days A Week & Work At GDS Sanitation The "Other" Four.
So Basicly It's Damn Near Impossible To Make Actual "Friends" Unless You Traverse Bars,
Which I Haven't Since Completing My 12-Steps At AA. But Hey, THAT'S JUST ME!

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But It's Even Worse When You're On A Pell Grant/Student Aid Program Where They DON'T Grade You
On A Curve Like SOME/MOST Schools Out There. You Actually HAVE TO Work Your Damn Tail-Off!
It's Like A Loan, But If You PASS...It's Like FREE Money For Smart Po'Folks.
Or Can Turn A Below-Middle-Class Citizen Into A Poverty-Stricken Homeless Person!

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