Ozzy Osbourne Hoping For 'Bad Mood' Footage In Son Jack's Documentary
by Staff

Ozzy Osbourne is hoping his son Jack has included footage showing him in "a bad mood" in his new documentary - so fans can see the rocker's real personality.

The 24 year old has filmed his father for new project Wreckage Of My Past, but he's refusing to show the legendary Black Sabbath singer the film until it's completed.

And Ozzy is just praying Jack has included enough footage to give his fans an insight into his life - good or bad.

He says, "I said to him: 'Jack, it can't be how wonderful I am all the time because I'm not that way all the time. Everybody wakes up in a bad mood sometimes.'

"I'm hoping he's put a bit of sweet and sour in there. For every good thing there's a bad thing, you know. When I was drinking I don't suppose I was Mr Charming." (c) WENN

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I just hope there's no David Hasslehoff-esque, drunk-and-eating-a-hamburger-while-laying-on-the-hallway-floor scene.  a Mel Gibson-esque, screaming-into-the-phone-threatening-someone's-career scene might be cool.
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Maybe there'll be some classic studio footage, that would be pretty cool
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=a bunch of rambling mumblez with a few "SHARONS!!" In btween
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i do think ozzy has a good point, to show him as a regular human being, plus it would make the film more interesting. any word when this will be done and on sale for us the fans in the USA.?
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