Me and middle_finger have had difference for a very long time. Me a devout christian, and him, a meth addicted freak who beats his girlfriend. So you could say we have always disagreed on things. This is the story about the time I met him in real life, and taught him a lesson, once and for all. This is all true, all factual, unlike crazy_eyes's promoter career(which is obviously fake).

We talked shit back and forth for months, and decided, it had to be done. We had to meet face to face. It was decided that I meet him in person, in his own state, of Florida. If you've never been, don't. It's a shit hole state full of rich out of touch old fucks and meth using creepers. It's still not as bad as texas though, which is clearly a fag state. Steers and queers is right about that state(just look at crazy_eyes and that fat primus fangirl, tommy, a queer and a steer!). I digress, Florida indeed sucks, and the city he had me meet him in was a shithole. Never go to FT Lauderdale. Awful place to visit. He had me meet him at a back alley behind some shitty dive bar. I parked my car and started walking up to said alley when I heard a loud yelp.

As I further approached the alley, I seen a nude drugged out old man, ass fucking a dog! and a fat bitch with a mullet and a unibrow watched and was taping it! What a freak show! I threw a rock at the skullet wearing meth head, hitting him square in the forehead. The fat bitch looked up and yelled "you can't do that! This is freedom of speech!" she charged at me. I dodge her punch, grabbed her by the back of her mullet, and slammed her head against a brick wall. I then threw her to the ground and walked towards the skulleted dog fucker. The fat bitch called from the ground "I'm telling the wiz on you! you won't get a way with this!" and got up and woddled away.

I turned back towards the meth head, who was still fucking the dog by the way. The dog was clearly dead by this point. He was screaming "GET SOME!!" over and over, punching the dog. Then he finally noticed me. He looked like aileen wournos, with a smaller cock. he looked me in the eye, with his crossed eye methed out eyes, and screamed "we get it here!! Wo0o0oo0 wEEeEeEEeeE!!" and lunged towards me. I punched him in the face. I heard a sickening snap, and knew, then and there, I broke his jaw. He started crying. fucking fag. I grabbed him by his skullet, head butt him 4 times, then punched him in the face over and over, for what seemed like hours. I threw him to the floor, and kicked him in the chest twice and began to walk away. he muttered "the wiz will come for me. he will avenge me." I turned around. clearly this fag doesn't know when to stop.

I unzipped my pants. pulled out my dick. middle_finger started screaming. I grabbed him by the back of the head and shoved my cock down his throat. I facefucked him for 3 hours, punching him in the back of the head because sucking a man's dick is gay. sick fuck. Then I remembered the dog. that poor dog. I had to bring justice for what happened to fido. I grabbed middle_finger, bent him over, and crammed my 13 inch dick in that fucking moron's ass. I reamed him for hours, punching him in the kidneys and at the spine. I looked over at my pants. I notice the cattle prod I brought with me. I began using that on him too, on his spine, and his cock and balls, as I continued my assault on his anus.

after hours of decimating his ass, with him squirming from time to time until I beat his ass unconscious repeatedly. I decided my work was done. I started pulling out. I struggled. his ass would not release my dick. I looked down to see what was going on, and gee what did I see? a pink sock! I gave the feared and punchline inducing familyghost a pink sock! I pulled and pulled and pulled. finally my dick came out, with middle_finger's flesh still attached to it! blood came gushing out of his ass. one more. that's all I wanted. so I shoved the cattle prod up his ass and turned it on. he shook and convulsed, white foam and blood coming out of his mouth.

I looked down at the wretch before, and felt not anger, but pity. I could not leave this wicked man to die. being the christian that I am, I drove him to the nearest hospital. I wouldn't let him ride in the car though, so I just tied a rope around his neck and dragged him there. we arrived at the hospital. I got out and looked at the bloody, bruised, broken boned, semen covered failure that lay before me. "may God almighty have mercy on your pitiful soul." I said to him, and threw him into the glass doors, breaking them on impact. There he was, the big bad middle_finger, covered in glass, blood, and my jizz.

I walked away and jumped into my car. I had a plane to catch. I got a child cybering pedophile in new Zealand who needed to be taught a lesson.
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