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wouldn't you love to know?   

A friend with weed is a friend indeed!
Look how the garden Grows...

Nice Buds you have!
growing weed is how you make dough, aint that right middle dinger?

Oh you sad little boy...Pffffffffft...I made my money kid.
You on the other hand best get back to your night job MMk..

Pedo freaks keep lurking and jerking here...Sad bastard.

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next time you see it, let your dog at it, im sure he/she wants it

If the world didnt suck sometimes everyone would fall off::smile
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rounding the corner between the mailbox and the next block over
coming home from work the other night about 1 am
I almost hit the biggest fucking skunk I've seen in a long time

as it wobbled across the street, I slammed on the brakes, blasted it with my brights
and blared my horn at it.  it's tail went up and the neighborhood was bathed in the
glorious odor.  my car still kinda smells like it.
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