Me and my friend are thinking about going to ozzfest for the first time (its his 21st) and I just had some general questions. I would be going to the one in chicago by the way.

Are the seats general admission or is it assigned seating?
The Bands I really wanna see are Ozzy obviously, Motley and Black label. Would I be able to see all of them even though there all headliners on different stages?
How tolerated is weed smoking?
How much do tickets generally cost every year?
Would it be worth it to go?

Any answers would be appreciated...thanks.

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weed smokinz :: find a good sucluded spot and dont be so obveous about it 
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Tickets are seated for the main stage but the Second Stage is all general admission
None of the bands you mentioned will overlap timewise.
No comment
Ticket pricing will be announced shortly. They go onsale May 22 so before that you'll know
Absolutely. It will be an amazing day of metal.
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Ozzfest is something everybody should do at least once. Do not miss the party. I've only been hasseled about smoking weed there once, and was just told to put it out by security. We just moved over a bit and went back to smoking. There are plenty of spot to be a little more discreet. Tickets can be as little as 35 or 40 for lawn, seats and pit tickets are more. My personal preference is the pit tix, many others swear the lawn is where the party is at. Its a good time no matter where you sit. They only regret you will have is if you don't go.
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everyone who goes to ozzfest hates weed. if you even bring that shit out you will be beaten up and shunned.
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