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Motleysinner wrote:

          Have you ever seen or heard what Motley is like live?? Mega pyro, mega light show. Very loud. The guys know how to put on a good show. That is, a Motley show is an event!
          All these other  fucking bands just play on stage. What a bunch of pussies! A metal concert without pyro is not metal! Motley's music has just the right vibe live!
         As far as some of these new so called bands. Well lets see how long they will last. A lot of the vocals is just plain screaming! Trying to be better than Phil Anselmo. They will never last the way Motley has.
         You want to see a true metal show, go to Motley show. Otherwise don't consider yourselves true metal heads!

i disagree with your pyro comment.....the music is what matters the most.
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the op sounds like a dumb ass and gives other crue fans bad names.
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wow, what a loser...there was no call for the kind of reply that deaf dumb and blind idiot posted after me..that moron needs to move out of this country..its a free country and i have a right to support and enjoy motley crue, since i am the one buying my ticket..not some skank..if he doesnt want to see motley crue then he has no reason to even be on this site since he' have to see them this year.
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Why is Private Pyle out of his bunk after lights out? Why is Private Pyle holding a weapon? Why are you not stomping Private Pyle's guts out?
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chilidog1980 wrote:

I like Motley Crue alright. Listened to them back in the day. They just don't seem a good fit with Ozzfest.

I don't get the whole "they aren't a good fit". I am not trying to start crap just feel they are a better fit than majority bands in the past (ex: Crazy Town, Linkin Park, POD, etc).
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Yeah what does that mean that they're not a good fit?  Ozzfest has had all kinds of different bands in years past.  Any band that's any kind of rock and metal is a good fit.  I"m personally not a crue fan, but they have a huge base.  I think they tried to get a few other really huge acts for that spot but it didn't pan out so they threw in the Crue at the last minute.  I don't believe this was the plan from the beginning.  I think it was a scramble at the last minute after a failure to secure the band they wanted
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Ascetic_Priest1 wrote:

What the fuck does good pyro have to do with being a good band?  Their music sucks, dude.

Truth....Motley Cure can have the 4th of July on the stage they still suck.
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Motley is pretty good live, very entertaining. Their music has withstood the test of time. Way back in 83-84' when they toured with Ozzy, they were hungry and angry, not as much as today's angry, screaming bands that don't get airplay but at the time they pissed off plenty of people and partied way harder than most and lived.  Don't know what it takes to be as black and angry as most of these bands, sorry your life sucks so bad but if you focus and get your shit together you can have a decent living, you gotta grow up sometime. Maybe these bands are so pissed off because they realize they won't make any cash screaming & trying to be as dark as possible and will be flipping my burgers in the near future cause they couldn't get airplay and get paid. Ozzy knows the secret of a good 'hook' in a song, he's got some softer radio friendly songs, who cares? There were chicks at his concerts back in the day looking as slutty as possible and that was cool. Going to some angry ass show with all the angry losers  dressing the part to look as bad ass as possible SCREAMS that you will need some serious help in the very near future. Its just the way it goes. THIS TOUR NEEDS MORE SHOWS ADDED.
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Motley crue are amazing.  I loved them since day one, but guys u gotta stop trying to beat it into everyones head that they r the best.. U, me and everyone else loves them think they r the best but in the end not everyone is going to like them.  I love them so much i bought meet and greet with ozzy just to HOPefully bump into the boys.. Id do ne thing to get drunk with them... .... Stop bashing this one and that one , fuck sakes were not 2 are we?
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posting this thread doesn't make you look like a butthurt faggot at all /sarcasm

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