yesterday, I spent about six hours in my car, putting about a 100 miles on my odometer
running errands for work all over Chicagoland, from Downers Grove to Lincoln Park

and I went past dozens of different chicken places (KFC, Popeyes, Church's, etc)
and their parking lots were packed to overflowing with cars

(the Church's at North Avenue and Cicero Avenue on Chicago's West Si-eed
had westbound traffic backed up for a mile)

because it was Two Piece and a Biscuit Tuesday!
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every Tuesday is 'Taco Bell Tuesday' for us at work 

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what about a smoke and a pancake?
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tuesdays are taco tuesdays at rosa's

here at work we have torture tuesday followed by whipping wednesday
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the suspence is killing me about Thursday, and Friday 
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lol. well we like torture tuesdays so much we designated thursdays for torture also....
fridays....well it depends on the mood.....sometimes its frisky fridays sometimes its not
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